Keeping the Flame Burning in Your Organization

Screen shot 2012 07 31 at 11.21.03 AM 173x300 Keeping the Flame Burning in Your OrganizationThe iconic Olympic Flame represents purity and the endeavor for perfection.

Dating back to the ancient Olympic Games, it was ignited by the sun’s rays in ancient Greece, and then kept burning until the Closing Ceremony. Even during today’s Olympic Games, athletes from around the world need only to look at the flame for a powerful reminder of their hard work and ongoing struggle for greatness.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your organization had a universally accepted symbol – recognized by all employees – which kept them inspired, motivated and productive?

It does. That symbol exists in the form of your corporate culture.

Your company’s culture is the collective beliefs and behaviors of all of the participants within your organization – from the CEO to the intern. Among other things, it includes:

−    How employees at your organization work together to produce innovation
−    How your leaders are able to show that they value and trust employees
−    The importance that you place on teamwork, honesty and fair play
−    How closely what you say matches up with what you do

Maybe your organization doesn’t have an Olympic Flame burning in the lobby. But – if your employees seem less productive or less engaged; if they are afraid to speak up; or, you notice that their spark has disappeared – it may be time to light a fire under them by taking a closer look at your corporate culture from the inside, out.

Until then: Citius, Altius, Fortius. (“Faster, Higher, Stronger.”)

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