How to Find Summer Work at the End of July

Screen shot 2012 07 25 at 5.21.49 PM 300x199 How to Find Summer Work at the End of JulyToday, some job seekers are looking at seasonal work as a way to showcase their professionalism and work ethic to potential employers. They hope to parlay a temporary position into a more permanent job. But, summer has flown by at warp speed this year and it is already the end of July!

If you were one of those job seekers seeking an elusive summer position, don’t give up hope for finding a seasonal job in the near-term. Here are some tips on how to keep your summer job search fresh, even though summertime is quickly reaching its mid-point:

Change your focus. The best time to look for a temporary position is up to three months prior to the busy season. This means that job seekers should begin looking for summer jobs in April and autumn jobs in July. Now would be a good time for you to look into autumn positions that are opening at the end of August or in September – including an apple orchard attendant, bus monitor or hayride operator.

Go “back-to-school” shopping. Shopping for back-to-school clothes is a clear signal to school-age children that they will be returning to learning in the near future. For many, new clothes symbolize the new beginning to the school year. And for job seekers, investing in a professional interview outfit may serve the same purpose by subtly symbolizing a new start to your job search efforts.

Look in the right places. Make sure your targeted seasonal jobs fit in with your long-term career goals by teaching you a particular skill. Target employers who excel in your areas of interest because your affinity to the industry will help you to excel in interviews and think of innovative ideas on the job. And, let’s face it, in-depth knowledge makes you a hot commodity in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? It’s already July, which means that it is time to start looking for an autumn job opportunity before the position is filled by someone who has already changed their focus, invested in a new interview outfit, and pinpointed some target companies that fall in line with their career goals.

Start looking for that seasonal job now to ensure that person is you.

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