New Grads: How Does Pinterest Help Your Job Search?

Screen shot 2012 07 09 at 5.05.38 PM New Grads: How Does Pinterest Help Your Job Search?New graduates are entering the workforce with a variety of new skills that many of us did not learn while we were in school. Specifically, they are learning how to network more effectively in person and online – and how to stand out in the hiring process. And, with such a grim unemployment rate, these skills may be invaluable in helping new graduates to obtain gainful employment.

Here are some smart things that new graduates can do (and are doing) to garner attention in their job search:

Build a professional website. Many employers are impressed when they see that you can create and update your own website. Professional websites are especially common among journalists – who want to post information about their resume and their freelance work – and artists, who find that a Web presence is a great way to share their portfolio. Other variations of the professional website are Pinterest boards and infographics, both of which help job seekers to emphasize their resume to employers in a creative and unique way.

Keep an updated and professional social media presence. Today’s grads know that around 89 percent of potential employers use social media to help them with recruiting, according to a recent study. These social avenues include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – and new grads are working hard to keep their social networks up-to-date and relevant to their chosen profession.

Take internships and volunteer positions. By working for nothing, college grads understand that they are building important relationships in their field – and strong bullet points to add to their resume. Many entry-level positions in today’s ultra-competitive workforce actually require a minimum of two years’ experience. (The New York Times recently reported on the frustration of unpaid internships.) has also compiled a new graduate tip sheet with some additional ideas about what new grads can do to get a leg up in the job search.

Check out the tip sheet here.

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