Job Seekers as a “Daily Deal?”’s New Approach to Hiring

gethired spotlight email example 155x300 Job Seekers as a “Daily Deal?”’s New Approach to HiringJob search and hiring is difficult! At, we’re committed to taking feedback from job seekers and employers to heart. Since we launched on January 30, 2012 we’ve grown quickly and we’ve learned a lot.

Specifically, we’ve learned that job seekers are discouraged because they feel that their resumes are falling into a “black hole” and they are not getting any feedback from hiring managers. Hiring managers, on the other hand, are being inundated with resumes; they are looking for a way to pinpoint top talent quickly and cost effectively.

To make connecting easier, launched the Job Seeker Spotlight this morning – a daily “deal” email that highlights up to five qualified job seekers, in each major job category in a targeted metro area, to potential employers, recruiters and hiring managers. The service is free for both employers and job seekers.

Our CEO Suki Shah said of the announcement: “Today’s hiring process is archaic and expensive, yet it hasn’t seen significant change since job search came online more than a decade ago.  The Spotlight is a great way to help employers and job seekers to connect in a way that no one has allowed them to do before.”

Think of the Job Seeker Spotlight as a new twist on the typical daily deal website. Daily deal sites have grown in popularity because they provide a benefit to both businesses (visibility) and consumers (great deals). By taking the deal-per-day model and applying it to the hiring process, is excited to fulfill one of the biggest needs that we’ve heard from both job seekers and employers.

Check out today’s launch announcement to learn more.

And, don’t be shy! Continue to share your feedback with us so we can make job search and hiring better together.

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