Summertime, and Recruiting Job Seekers is . . . Not Easy

Screen shot 2012 06 20 at 11.45.01 PM 252x300 Summertime, and Recruiting Job Seekers is . . . Not EasyIt’s finally summer! Ella Fitzgerald’s song, “Summertime,” speaks of the lazy days of summer where the “livin’ is easy.” And, for better or worse, this sentiment of relaxation is often shared by both job seekers and employers in the summer months.

For active job seekers, summertime is a much needed opportunity to relax their job search efforts and start to think about summer BBQs, boating trips or other activities with friends that have been put on the back burner as they looked for work through the spring season. Passive job seekers are also more difficult for employers to reach in the summer months because they are usually employed already. Many prefer to enjoy a lazy summer in their current position – wherein they’ve likely accrued some vacation days – before joining up with a new company and working to prove themselves, and accrue vacation time, all over again.

To make your recruiting efforts even more difficult, many job seekers see summer as the “slow” season for hiring – incorrectly assuming that hiring managers will be out of the office for long vacations. As an employer looking for top candidates for your open job postings, it can be very difficult to find motivated, aggressive job seekers who are laser focused on showing you who they are and why they are a great fit for your company. But, we’d urge you to not give up hope.

Here are some tips for employers looking to attract top talent in the summertime:

  • Make sure job seekers know where to reach you. If you are recruiting for an important position, but will be out of the office for a couple of days, make sure you put an out of office message on your email and let job seekers know who they can reach out to in your absence. Those job seekers that take the extra step in following up with you (and your colleague) are motivated and persistent. They may be exactly who you are looking for!
  • Keep your company in the spotlight. Many organizations stop posting information on their blog or social media networks during the summertime, or post sporadically. Make sure that you continue to post content and information regularly through the summer months so that job seekers who are following your company know that you are still active – and actively recruiting.
  • Look at candidates you already know. Perhaps your company invites a small group of interns to work with you each summer. Keep an eye on those interns to see who is motivated, aggressive and learns quickly. A great way to find top talent is to look within your organization – either at interns with the potential to be hired on full-time, or from department to department for people you can use to fill positions other than their own. Don’t be afraid to shake things up!

Above all else, don’t lose hope. Summer is a great time to relax and blow off some steam. But, it can also be a great time to find top talent for your company. All you have to do as a hiring manager is to keep your head in the game – and we’re not talking about the baseball game after work.

Happy hiring!

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