A Salute to Social Recruiting, and Old Glory

Screen shot 2012 06 13 at 5.29.18 PM 300x231 A Salute to Social Recruiting, and Old GloryEach year on June 14 we celebrate Flag Day, the anniversary of the adoption of the official flag of the United States – the American flag. Flag Day is a chance for Americans to show their patriotism and it often serves as a reminder that, despite any changes that took place in the previous year, the Stars and Stripes will endure as a symbol of America’s ingenuity and perseverance.

If you are a hiring manager, the flag’s constancy may be a welcome idea. Because in recruiting and hiring, NOTHING is constant – including the way that you search for top talent in today’s increasingly digital world.

Workforce Management recently reported on a study from Kelly Services Inc. that says 24 percent of U.S. workers are more inclined to search for a job through social media than through traditional methods – including newspapers, job boards and recruitment firms. Twenty-four percent!

It’s definitely not time to stop posting open positions in the classifieds or online; but, there are some ways that you can attract a better response from potential candidates given their propensity for social search:

Share the link to your job post. As soon as you post a position, syndicate it to all of your company’s social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Savvy job seekers who have an interest in your company are likely following you on one or more of these platforms.

Make the job post sharable. You need job seekers and others interested in your company or the position to send the link to their qualified friends so that you can build a large, fruitful referral network.

Include relevant hash tags. When you post a job on Twitter, a good way to attract new job seekers is to include information about your location (#NYC), your industry or the position you are hiring (#webdeveloper), and your aim (#hiring). This will help new job seekers to find you.

Finding great candidates via social media is a tall order for many of us who have never used social media personally – never mind for recruiting purposes. However, taking small steps like the ones above will help you to ease into the digital transition and to get more job seekers than you imagined possible.

So, as you’re celebrating Flag Day today, remember that change is progress. Respect the old methods of recruiting, but give a nod to some social recruiting methods that may help you and your organization to hire moving forward.

And, salute Old Glory while you’re at it.

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