Using Video for Employment Branding . . . and Personal Branding

Screen shot 2012 06 06 at 6.42.31 PM Using Video for Employment Branding . . . and Personal BrandingJennifer King, HR analyst at Software Advice, recently wrote an article about how recruitment videos can help companies to create a strong employment brand.  According to Gallup, an employment brand is “the way your organization’s prospective applicants, candidates and employees perceive you as an employer.”

King advocates that the best recruiting videos do the following:

  • Depict an authentic employee experience
  • Give a personal view into the lives of an organization’s employees

And, by getting job seekers on board with your organization using video, many companies find themselves ahead of the recruiting game – and in high demand among job seekers.  The challenge, then, becomes sifting through the hundreds of inevitable resumes that your company will receive from excited, engaged candidates who have seen your recruitment video and would like to be your next hire.

For many hiring managers, the best way to counteract this inundation of resumes is to request that job seekers apply to their company’s open positions with a video of their own. By accepting video resumes, employers can get a better sense of an applicant’s personal brand, including how the candidate presents herself and why that applicant believes himself to be the very best fit for the open position.

Employers who request that potential employees submit a personal video introduction – or responses to pre-screening questions via video – are able to quickly review that snapshot of each candidate in a more in-depth manner than they could do with a traditional paper resume.

In effect, video has become the way that employers are able to perceive a job seeker’s skillset and aptitude for an open position. By submitting video resumes, job seekers are catapulting their applications to a more professional level – and by accepting video resumes, employers are setting expectations for this level of excellence.

It’s always so interesting to hear critics complain that videos are discriminatory in the hiring process. The fact is that discrimination exists everywhere, and if we’re not using the technology that we have available to us, we’re expecting less from our job seekers than we should be. And, we’re creating a double-standard that video is okay for employers to build their employment brand, but not okay for job seekers to build their personal brand.

How are you using video in your hiring process? How are you asking job seekers to incorporate it?

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