Job Seekers: Are Pre-Screening Questions Worth Your Time?

Screen shot 2012 05 16 at 5.55.48 PM 300x263 Job Seekers: Are Pre Screening Questions Worth Your Time?Many hiring managers use pre-screening questions to filter unqualified candidates out of the hiring process. Because they often receive hundreds of resumes per open position, pre-screening questions help them to narrow their applicant pool so that they can concentrate their efforts on only the most relevant job seekers. As a job seeker, it is important to understand the usefulness of pre-screening questions for a hiring manager so that you can have a leg up in responding appropriately and in moving forward in the interview process.

At, we enable hiring managers to ask multiple-choice pre-screening questions – in addition to open-ended questions and those that require video or audio responses – so that they can filter job seekers based on your responses to these questions and ultimately cut down the time it takes to hire you.

Multiple-choice pre-screening questions help hiring managers to learn about your:

  • Salary expectations. Are your salary expectations in line with the open position? Hiring managers will often request that you denote an expected salary range so that they don’t waste your time, and theirs, if your expectations are not in line with the available salary for the position.
  • Problem-solving skills. An example of a problem-solving question is “Name the next number in this series: 1, 2, 3, 4, X.” By choosing the correct next number in the series, a job seeker can show potential employers that s/he can easily reason through problems.
  • Industry certifications. Hiring managers can confirm that job applicants have the required skill set for the position by asking, for example, a truck driver if s/he has a commercial drivers’ license (multiple choice is Yes/No).

For many job seekers, answering pre-screening questions will propel you to the top of a hiring manager’s pile of resumes so that you are one step closer to interviewing for that coveted position. Pre-screening questions are a hiring manager’s way of providing you with the tools that you need to cut through the hype and get your cover letter and resume seen.

Whenever possible, customize your cover letter and resume to the position that you are applying – and answer any specific pre-screening questions associated with the job. In today’s hiring climate, it is more important than ever to differentiate yourself and help hiring managers to find you above the noise.

What’s the most telling pre-screening question that a hiring manager has ever asked you in your job search?

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